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The Christening Of Albert Edward, Prince Of Wales

On 25 January 1842, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, was christened. The Magazine Of The Beau Monde described the event thus: On Tuesday last the important event — the christening of a Prince of Wales — which had so long been looked forward

The Royal Wedding Cake

The 1840 edition of the Mirror Of Literature features a description of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s wedding cake: This Royal Cake weighed nearly three hundred pounds. It was three yards in circumference, and about fourteen inches in depth, or thickness. It was covered with sugar of the purest white; on the top was the

Farewell To My Home

In anticipation of Queen Victoria’s marriage, the January 1840 edition of The Mirror Of Literature published a poem written by her fiancé, Prince Albert. It’s called Mein Lebewohl and talks about his love for his native country and the pain he feels in leaving it behind. MEIN LEBEWOHL Once more let me view thee,Dear Home

Death Of Prince Albert

On 14th December 1861, Queen Victoria lost Prince Albert, the love of her life. A few days later, on the 20th, the Queen poured out her grief in a letter to their uncle, King Leopold Of Belgium: Osborne, 20th December 1861 My own dearest, kindest Father,—For as such have I ever loved you! The poor

My Historical Crushes

Admit it. You too have one (or two, or three) historical crush. Maybe you sigh over a painting of the dashing but cruel Saint- Just. Or you swoon over the military exploits of Prince Rupert of The Rhine. Or wish you were the muse who inspired John Keats’ beautiful verses. We’ve all been there, in

Prince Albert’s Dedication To His Pregnant Wife

In her journal, Queen Victoria (speaking of herself in the third person) described her husband’s devotion to her during her pregnancies: During the time the Queen was laid up, his care and devotion were quite beyond expression. He refused to go to the play, or anywhere else; generally dining alone with the Duchess of Kent,