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The Dutch Toy

Before her marriage to Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, Princess Charlotte of Wales, the heiress to the British throne was betrothed to Prince William, the Hereditary Prince Of Orange. That was an union the Princess, much to her father’s chagrin, had never been too keen on. Both her mother’s hatred for the Orange family, and her

A Tomboy Princess

In June 1811, Lady Albinia Campbell met the 15 year old Princess Charlotte of Wales, heir to the British throne, at Windsor. Here’s what she thought of the young girl: Princess Charlotte is here. She is grown and improved in looks, but I do not think her manner dignified, as a Princess’ ought to be,

A Royal Austen Fan

Princess Charlotte of Wales was a fan of Jane Austen, and didn’t even know it. When her uncle, the Duke Of York, lent her a copy of Sense and Sensibility, written by an anonymous lady, he believed, and so did Charlotte, that it was written by a certain Lady Anne Paget. Charlotte loved the book

Lines To A Lady Weeping

George III’s eldest son, the Prince of Wales, had been a Whig until 1811, when the Regency Act, allowing him to rule during the mental illness of his father, became law. At the time the Tories were in power but everyone, knowing his political leanings, expected him to replace the current government with a Whig

Cornelia Knight

Born in 1757, Cornelia Knight was the daughter of Sir Joseph Knight, a navy officer knighted by King George III, and his wife, a well-educated and accomplished woman praised for her conversation skills. Cornelia was sent to London College, where she learned several European languages, including Latin. In 1775 Sir Joseph died, leaving only a

A Naughty Little Princess

George Thomas Keppel, 6th Earl of Albemarle, was a childhood friend of the unfortunate Princess Charlotte of Wales. He was actually chosen as a playmate for the princess by her governess, who was also his grandmother, Lady De Clifford. In his memoirs, Fifty Years Of My Life, he recalls a few anecdotes from their childhood:

Princess Charlotte’s Will

Princess Charlotte of Wales was only 10 years old when she made her will. No, the princess wasn’t ill. She simply chanced to walk into a room where Mrs Campbell, one of her sub-governesses, was sitting at a table, writing her will. Charlotte then decided to make hers too. Here it is: I make my

Princess Charlotte Of Wales Imitates Her Uncle

In his memoirs, Fifty Years Of My Life, George Thomas Keppel, 6th Earl of Albemarle, and a childhood friend of Princess Charlotte of Wales, recalls how the young girl used to imitate her maternal uncle, the German Duke Of Brunswick: It was not long after his return that I met the Duke at Warwick House