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Fashions For June 1810

What would the fashionable Englishwoman have worn in June 1810? Let’s take a look: The evening dress is really beautiful, isn’t it? Instead, I find the walking dress only so-so. I love the yellow colour of the scarf and parasol, but that hat isn’t very flattering, isn’t it? What do you think of these outfits?

Fashions For August 1829

Hello everyone, today we’re gonna take a look at what fashions were popular in the summer of 1829. There’s even an image of a wedding dress. Enjoy! AUGUST WEDDING DRESS A Round dress of Brussels lace over a slip of white gros de Tours; the body of the slip is cut low and square; the

Fashions For 1829 (Part 4)

Hello everyone, today I bring even more plates showing the fashions that were popular in 1829. Enjoy! Evening Dress A dress of white striped gauze, over pink satin: the body a la Grecque, with short sleeves, edged round the arm with narrow blond: the border of the dress is of gauze, bouillone, headed by a

Fashions For 1816 (Part 2)

Hello everyone, here are some more prints of clothes that were very fashionable in the last months of 1816. I find the ball dress delightful, but I’m not sure about the rest… Mmm.. What do you think? OCTOBER HALF DRESS A GOWN of lilac sarsnet, cut low round the bust, which is trimmed with pink