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The Murder Of Lord William Russell

Lord William Russell, a member of Parliament, was murdered in his sleep. His body was found by his maid on 6th April 1840. The initial signs pointed to a robbery, as Viscount Melbourne explained in this short letter to Queen Victoria: Lord Melbourne presents his humble duty to your Majesty. He has just received this

The Christening Of Albert Edward, Prince Of Wales

On 25 January 1842, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, was christened. The Magazine Of The Beau Monde described the event thus: On Tuesday last the important event — the christening of a Prince of Wales — which had so long been looked forward

A Trifling Gift Scarce Worth Being Mentioned

One of the perks of being a queen is receiving lots of presents. In June 1842, Queen Victoria received quite a few from the Imam of Muscat, as the Earl of Aberdeen reveals in this short letter to Her Majesty: Foreign Office, 28th June 1842 Lord Aberdeen, with his humble duty, begs to enclose for

We Are NOT Engaged!

When Queen Victoria met Prince Albert, she fell hard for him, and was eager to become his wife. But before their meeting, she was not so enthusiastic about the prospect of marrying him, or anyone else for that matter, as she revealed in this letter to her uncle Leopold I, King Of The Belgians: Buckingham

Ruling Advice From An Uncle

A few days before King William IV of England died, his niece and heir, Princess Victoria, received a letter from her maternal uncle, King Leopold I of the Belgian. It contained some friendly advice on how to behave once on the throne: Laeken, 17th June 1837 My beloved Child,—… I shall to-day enter on the

Feodora Of Leiningen, Queen Victoria’s Half-sister

King George III had sired many sons, but only the eldest, George, married (much against his will) and had a legitimate child, Charlotte. Her premature death in childbirth, spurred her uncles to find suitable brides to beget the next heir to the throne. Edward, Duke of Kent, chose the widowed Princess of Leiningen, Victoria. Victoria’s

Queen Victoria’s Christmas

For weeks before Christmas the cooks at Windsor are busy preparing the Queen’s dinner for Dec. 25. The principal dishes are all prepared at Windsor, as the kitchen accommodation at Osborne is totally unequal to the task. The Queen’s plum pudding is the triumph of Windsor cookery. In an enormous caldron are placed the usual

Dash, Queen Victoria’s Favourite Dog

Queen Victoria had a lonely childhood. After the death of her father when she was just a baby, her mother, the Duchess of Kent, raised her under the “Kensington System”, an elaborate set of rules and protocol she devised with her her comptroller, Sir John Conroy, to keep the child dependant on them. Both her

Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany

After giving birth to seven children, Queen Victoria didn’t look forward to go through all that pain again. So, when on 7 April 1853 she went into labour again and her doctor suggested the use of chloroform, the Queen was only too willing to try it. Thanks to the anaesthesia, the birth of her son