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Regency Slang (Part 4)

It’s been ages since I wrote one of these posts. High time to remedy that, I think! So, here are a few Regency words and expressions that may puzzle you if you come across them in an old book. Enjoy! Beau-nasty: finely dressed but dirty Canterbury Story: a long roundabout tale Cloud: tobacco Gallipot: a

Regency Slang (Part 3)

More Regency slang! Enjoy! Bookkeeper: a person who doesn’t return borrowed books. Croaker: someone who always foretells a bad outcome to any endeavour. Curtain Lecture: a discreet scold. Usually, it was given by a wife to her husband. Fresh Milk: Cambridge new comers to the university. Gluepot: a parson. They were so cold because they

How They Spoke: The Regency Era (Part 2)

One of the first posts I’ve written for this blog was about words commonly used in the Regency era that have now been forgotten, but can still appear in old books and classics, confounding modern readers. I thought I’d be nice to continue this series, so here are 10 more words typical of the Regency