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Elizabeth De Burgh

Born in about 1289, Elizabeth De Burgh was the daughter of Richard, 2nd Earl of Ulster, one of the most powerful Irish nobles and a close friend and staunch supporter of King Edward I of England. That’s probably what saved her from the harsh punishments inflicted on the other members of the captured Bruce clan.

Book Reviews: Irene A Designer From The Golden Age Of Hollywood, Robert The Bruce, & One Size Never Fits All

Hello everyone, ready for today’s reviews? Let’s get started then: Irene: A Designer from the Golden Age of Hollywood: The MGM Years 1942-49 by Frank Billecci and Lauranne FisherIn the Golden Age of Hollywood, actresses were the epitomes of timeless elegance and sophistication. That was, in part, due to the very talented but troubled designer

Short Book Reviews: Case Closed & Sisters Of The Bruce

Hello everyone, today I’m reviewing two very different books. The first is an essay on the assassination on John F Kennedy, while the second a historical novel about the sisters of the Scottish king Robert The Bruce. Are they worth picking up? Let’s see: Case Closed by Gerald PosnerJohn F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee