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Book Reviews: Secret Lives Of The Tsars & Embrace Your Magnificence

Hello everyone, here are today’s reviews. Enjoy! Secret Lives of the Tsars: Three Centuries of Autocracy, Debauchery, Betrayal, Murder, and Madness from Romanov Russiaby Michael Farquhar The Romanovs, one of the world’s most fascinating dynasties, ruled Russia for over 300 years. They were years full of shocking violence and unimaginable excesses, all now chronicled in

Book Review: Am I Beautiful? By Chine Mbubaegbu

Am I beautiful? That’s a question every woman asks herself. We all long to be seen as beautiful by others, and when we think we aren’t, our self-esteem plummets to the ground. But what does beautiful mean? According to the media, beautiful means young, tall, sticky thin but with big breasts. They bombard us daily