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Lavinia Fenton

English actress Lavinia Fenton was beautiful, lively, and vivacious. But life hasn’t always been kind to her. Born in Charing Cross, probably the daughter of a sailor her mother had a brief fling with, Lavinia had to work from an early age. She was a waitress and a barmaid, but then, still a child, turned

The Théâtre du Palais-Royal On Fire

In 1781, The Théâtre du Palais-Royal, situated near Rose Bertin’s establishment, was destroyed by fire, for the second time. Here’s an account of the tragedy, which resulted in death of at least 11 people: The Opera-house took fire. Rose Bertin’s establishment in the Rue Saint-Honore was situated between the Rue Champfleuri and Rue du Chantre,

Historical Reads: Dorothy Jordan

Heather Carroll on Dorothy Jordan, the 18th century famous actress who had a relationship with King William IV. To quote: Meanwhile, she had become one of the biggest names in acting. She was a leading comic actress and was working out of Drury Lane. Because she had hot legs she would get cast in many

Historical Reads: Peg Woffington

Heather Carroll remembers the 18th century actress Peg Woffington. To quote: Not only did Peg show a skill in playing breeches roles, which she was given quite frequently, but she took to playing aristocrats well. An interesting fact considering her voice was described as “harsh.” Peg quickly gained the reputation of being a leading comic

Sarah Kemble Siddons

Sarah Siddons was a renowned tragic actress of the 18th century. She was born on 5th July 1755, in a room above a small tavern in High Street in Brecon (Brecknockshire, Wales) into a theatrical family. Her father was Roger Kemble, the manager of the touring theatre company the Warwickshire Company of Comedians, and her