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In The Garden

Mr. And Mrs. Andrews, by Thomas Gainsborough Sir George and Lady Strickland in the Park in Boynton Hall by Arthur Devis Sir Nathaniel and Lady Caroline Curzon, by Arthur Devis A detail of The English Garden In Caserta, by Jacob-Philippe Hackert A Tender Moment In The Garden, by Federico Andreotti Lady in a Garden by

Historical Reads: Stealing The Duchess Of Devonshire

  Author Evangeline Holland tells the story of Adam Worth and of his most famous theft. To quote: For a large part of the late 19th century, one man confounded, outwitted, and bemused the police forces of multiple continents: Adam Worth (1844-1902). So difficult was it to catch him red-handed, so wily were his swindles,

Tristram And Fox

Thomas Gainsborough, the famous English painter, loved dogs and often included them in his paintings. Sometimes, they were even the main subject, like in this picture, above, titled Tristram and Fox. Tristram and Fox were two very special dogs: they were Gainsborough’s. After painting their portrait, the artist hung it in the place of honour