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Birth Of Victoria, Princess Royal

On 21st November 1840, “a dark, dull, windy, rainy day with smoking chimneys”, Queen Victoria gave birth to her first child, Princess Victoria. In her diary, the Queen claimed that she wasn’t nervous at the approaching birth at all: “Just before the early hours of the morning of the 21st I felt again very uncomfortable

Death of King Frederick William IV Of Prussia

In a letter to her parents, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, their eldest daughter Victoria discusses the death of King Frederick William IV of Prussia: The Princess Royal to Queen Victoria and the Prince Albert Potsdam, 2nd January 1861 Beloved parents, at last I can find a moment for myself to sit down and collect

Wilhelm II’s Birth

On 27 January 1859, Victoria, Princess Royal of Great Britain, gave birth to her first child, the future Wilhelm II of Germany. It was a traumatic breech birth that left the poor boy with a withered left arm. This injury would have a huge impact on the formation of his character. Childbirths, back then, were