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Fashions For 1821

Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I present you with a couple of fashionable outfits the well-dressed English lady would have worn in 1821. I particularly love the court dress, it is so beautiful, don’t you think? WALKING DRESS A Cambric muslin round dress; the bottom of the skirt is trimmed with a flounce of scolloped

Fashions For 1812

Hello ladies, I haven’t posted any fashion plates in ages. Time to remedy that, don’t you think? Here are a few that shows us what a fashionable lady would have worn in the first half of 1812: FEBRUARY EVENING COSTUME An amber crape dress Out white sarsnet, trimmed with pearls or white beads, with a

Fashions For 1810

Hello everyone, today we’re gonna take a look at the style of clothes worn in 1810. Dresses were still in the empire fashion and those ridiculously huge sleeve still hadn’t made an appearance: EVENING DRESS A jacket of pale buff Merino cloth, with antique stomacher, richly embroidered in green chenille, finished with silk tassels; a

Fashions For Winter 1835

Hello everyone, here are some plates of styles that were fashionable in the winter of 1835, some of which include both the front and back of the dress. I’m not a big fan of the big sleeves that were popular in this period. They give the figure such a funny shape! But I quite like

Walking Dresses For 1814

In the past, walking dresses were used to pay calls on friends, walking through the park or go shopping. Despite their name, they weren’t more comfortable than other dresses nor was it easier to walk in them either. They were simply dresses that were meant to be seen by everyone (as opposed to simple morning

Fashions For 1829 (Part 4)

Hello everyone, today I bring even more plates showing the fashions that were popular in 1829. Enjoy! Evening Dress A dress of white striped gauze, over pink satin: the body a la Grecque, with short sleeves, edged round the arm with narrow blond: the border of the dress is of gauze, bouillone, headed by a

Fashions For 1829 (Part 5)

Hello everyone, I’ve found two more fashion plates from the year 1829 and thought I’d share them with you. Aren’t these dresses very pretty? My favourite is the second one. I love the style, the feminine colour combination and the many feathers in the hat. I just can’t resist a nice feather hat. Here are