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The Royal Wedding Cake

The 1840 edition of the Mirror Of Literature features a description of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s wedding cake: This Royal Cake weighed nearly three hundred pounds. It was three yards in circumference, and about fourteen inches in depth, or thickness. It was covered with sugar of the purest white; on the top was the

Victorian Wedding Dresses

I love wedding dresses. I’ve been fantasizing about what I’d wear to walk down the aisle (not that that’s gonna happen anytime soon) ever since I was a little girl and Yes To The Dress is one of the few TV shows that I devour these days. My tastes veer towards romantic, feminine and vintage

Mary Darby Robinson’s Wedding

When she was 16, Mary Darby, the actress who would become known as Perdita, succumbed to pressure from her family and married Thomas Robinson, an articled clerk who claimed, falsely, to have an inheritance. Mary wasn’t in love with her husband, and their union was unhappy. In her memoirs, she describes as their union came

Marie Antoinette’s Wedding

On 16 May 1770 Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen married Louis-Auguste de France, in a lavish ceremony at Versailles, in front of more than 5000 guests. Guests were admitted only if they had a ticket, although many curious people flocked to the palace to try and get a glimpse of the royal couple. Even

Marie Antoinette’s Proxy Wedding

On 19 April 1770, the Archduchess Marie Antoinette married Louis, the Dauphin of France, by proxy. At 6:00 pm, the 14 year old bride, wearing a glistening and luxurious gown of cloth of silver, with a train carried by Countess Trautmannsdorf, entered the Church of the Augustine Friars, where her parents had got married too

Georgiana Spencer Marries The Duke Of Devonshire

News that the Duke of Devonshire, one of the wealthiest bachelors in England, was to marry the beautiful and charming Georgiana Spencer spread fast and created quite a sensation. The wedding was very publicized and, fearing the church would be crowded with curious onlookers, the bride’s parents decided to keep the ceremony secret. So secret

Mary I Marries Philip Of Spain

On Wednesday, 25 July 1554, Mary I of England married Philip of Spain at Winchester Cathedral. The cathedral, which was decorated with rich tapestries, was packed with courtiers and dignitaries, while the common people were waiting outside. Philip, preceded by his nobles, was the first two arrive, at about 10am. He then went to sit

Ball Games At Weddings

What have ball games got to do with weddings, I hear you ask? Well, in some parts of North England, Scotland and France there was a tradition dictating that the bridegroom had to contribute either a football, or money to buy one, to the local youths or community. It sure sounds like a weird way