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Wedding Etiquette

The circumstances under which weddings take place are so varied, and the religious forms observed in their solemnization so numerous, that to lay down rules applicable to all cases would be a matter of great difficulty, if not an impossibility. Consequently only those forms of marriage attended with the fullest ceremonies, and all the attendant

Marie Louise’s Wedding Dress

On 2 April 1810, Marie Louise Of Austria walked down the aisle at the “Salon Carré” turned chapel, in the Palais De Tuileries, to marry Napoleon, the man she had been thaught to hate since she was little. To add to her uneasiness, she wore a dress entirely chosen and made for her in France

A Wedding Anniversary Guide

The custom of celebrating anniversary weddings has, of late years, been largely practiced, and they have become a very pleasant means of social reunion among the relatives and friends of both husband and wife. Often this is the only reason for celebrating them, and the occasion is sometimes taken advantage of to give a large

Victorian Wedding Cards

During the nineteenth century, the bride and groom would give their friends and acquaintances wedding cards to invite them to their new home. The form and wording of these cards changed throughout the years, but usually they contained the new home address and the days when the bride would be at home to receive the

Creeling The Bridegroom

Creeling The Bridegroom was a curious wedding custom carried out in Scotland until the beginning of the nineteenth century. This tradition takes its name from the creel (basket) the groom had to carry around the town the day after the wedding. The happy couple and their friends would meet early and fill the creel with

Historical Reads: Weddings In The Edwardian Era

Evangeline, author of the Edwardian Promenade website, has written an interesting article on weddings in the Edwardian era. To quote: The most important parts of the wedding were the bride’s gown and trousseau. The traditional attire for a bride was a gown of soft, rich cream-white satin, trimmed simply or elaborately with lace, a wreath