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Historical Reads: London In War-Time

Edwardian Promenade has shared an interesting article about London in war-time. To quote: London in war-time is quite a different London, although at the station there were taxis and small boys to carry our luggage. As usual, the first thing to do was to visit the police, and this time, the Consul, too, for we

Queen Elizabeth’s War Work

During World War I, the King and Queen of the Belgians did everything they could to help their people. While King Albert was busy leading his troops into battle, Queen Elizabeth, at the head of the Red Cross, personally took care of the wounded soldiers. Their wounds and sufferings were horrific but the Queen never

An Englishwoman In Germany During World War I

Lady Harriet Julia Jephson, an Englishwoman, was living in Germany when World War I broke out. In a short war diary that she kept during that period and which she later published, titled A War-time Journal, Germany 1914 and German Travel Notes, she described the awful situation she found herself in, being unable tor some