The Curse Of Excalibur

Completely abandoned by everyone she trusted and sold into marriage with the vile Uriens to please her brother, King Arthur, Morgan sits alone in Rheged Castle.
A burning desire for revenge on everyone grows inside her.
Most of all, however, she hates Arthur. So when he unwittingly asks her to look after his sword Excalibur, she senses an opportunity.
But Morgan will have to overcome the trickery of Merlin, and summon all of her otherworldly powers to return to Camelot and vanquish her enemies.

If you’re as intrigued by Morgan Le Fay as much as I am, then you too must read The Morgan Trilogy by Lavinia Collins. In the first book, The Witches Of Avalon, Morgan took her first tentative steps towards black magic to protect her loved ones, only to be abandoned by everyone.

Pain and loss made her bitter, and eager for revenge, especially against Arthur, the man who sold her to her cruel husband Uriens. In The Curse Of Excalibur, the second book of the trilogy, Morgan has the opportunity to make those who hurt her pay. But it means embarking on a road from which she’ll never be able to turn back.

Revenge isn’t her only obsession. Her relationship with Kay, Arthur’s foster brother, now completely over, Morgan becomes infatuated with Lancelot. But he’s in love with Queen Guinevere, and pays her no attention. That’s not enough to deter Morgan. Her past experiences have changed her, and she’s now willing to reach her goals with any means necessary…

The Curse Of Excalibur is a much darker novel than The Witches of Avalon. Black magic, intrigues, plots, mysteries, and dangerous affairs make for a very gripping read. The story absorbs you from the first page, bringing you into its world. You forget Camelot is just a legend. It seems so real.

The characters are well-developed and rounded. Although Morgan is becoming increasingly harder to like, I enjoy learning her story from her own words. Who else could better make us understand how an innocent young girl can become so vindictive and dangerous?

Although I know (and you probably do too if you are familiar with the Arthurian legends), how the story ends, I can’t wait for the last instalment of The Morgan Trilogy. I know it won’t disappoint.

In The Curse Of Excalibur, Morgan Le Fay tells her own, dark story. A story full of plots, intrigues, and dangerous affairs. Vividly written, it’ll grip you from page one.

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Rating: 4/5

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